Learn It Girl

Geetika Batra“Learn IT, Girl!“ is one such platform where some fine ladies took pride to teach girls who were seeking guidance.,I am one such girl who was directionless before November 2014 and then out of the blue I came across this program and ‘Voila’; it was all I needed. Initially I was in a dilemma, plenty of questions revolved my mind, was I appropriate for the program? What if I don’t meet their expectations? Was I moving in right direction? “You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you”.and this program was something that mattered to me. Well, then all my fears were insignificant when I got to know my mentor Małgorzata Borzęcka. as she appeared to be an amazing lady; she helped me in the best possible way, she created tutorials for me; she helped me out solving errors and provided me with the best tutorials that were available.

Project-The Employee

The project I worked on was a web application in ASP.NET MVC and believe me it was not just ASP.NET MVC, I repeat quoting with air bunnies “It was not just about ASP.NET MVC”. In order to create this application I learned MS-SQL, Entity Framework and of course ASP.NET MVC. But learning all of this at once was not that infuriated me; it was the little error in controller I was facing. Ohhk! it was a stupid error, but I spent ten days and ten to twelve hours each day, burned the midnight oil, but was nowhere near solution; and then finally, everything fell in place and I solved it. The thing I learned the most in this ten day process was not to solve that little evil error, but it was the effort and the dozens of other things I learned while fishing for the solution. After this I recalled some words of my teacher; she told me that when you get stuck at something and someone else did it in the first attempt, keep in mind that when you do it the next time you would do it first because you know all the possible causes of error. Well, being in touch with the community, I just was not just restricted to C# or .NET. Besides my original project; in response to a post on the page about Django girls tutorial, I learned it as well. Ohk! that was my curiosity taking the best out of me. But, at the end, I would like to thank my mentor Małgorzata Borzęcka and the ‘Learn IT, Girl!’ community for this amazing opportunity. You are doing a great job. I hope this program reaches infinity and beyond and keep on encouraging girls like that. I am proud for being a part of it. Cheers!!


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