Outreachy it is!!


Welcome Back! Today I will be talking about FOSS and Outreachy; Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is software that gives the user the freedom to use, copy, study, change, and improve it. There are many Free and Open Source Software licenses under which software can be released with these freedoms.FOSS contributors do various things: software development, system administration, user interface design, graphic design, documentation, community management,marketing, identifying issues and reporting bugs, helping users, event organization, and translations.Outreachy, earlier known as Outreach Program for Women is a program inspired in many ways by Google Summer Of Code and how few women applied for it in the past.The GNOME Foundation first started the internships program with one round in 2006, and then resumed the effort in 2010 with rounds organized twice a year.For the May 2015 round, the program was renamed to Outreachy with the goal of expanding to engage people from various underrepresented groups and was moved to Software Freedom Conservancy as its organizational home.

 I am a programming enthusiast and open source is the best source to learn code in real time environment,enhancing skill set as well as to understand the latest update in the technology world. I learned about GSOC and while searching more on the internet to get a good brief of GSOC I ran into Outreachy. Thanks to the great people at Outreachy; I feel welcomed and encouraged to apply. Also, it has helped me learn,grow and gain knowledge in Open Stack;

people here have been extremely supportive and it was all I could I ask for; sharing experiences of some of the most talented minds is what motivated me to work further.

Being new at all of this, community members Victoria Martínez de la Cruz  (vkmc) and Shaifali Agrawal helped me with getting things started from scratch, they also helped me with the way bugs are categorized and then how to work with  them; they also gave me pointers to get handy with devstack and understanding how Openstack works. Since DevStack is a standard script to quickly create an OpenStack development environment; I followed this great advice and successfully submitted my first patch; the link to the patch is bug/1411806 .

 After my first contribution, confidence in me was a level up; and things actually started to make sense. The community members asked me to chose a project from the openstack ideas list, doing so I ran into project Glance and its mentor Nikhil Komawar(nikhil_k); talking to him made me realize that this was the project I wanna work for; he helped me to solve one of its bugs. Also, I  communicated with him regularly and tried to learn as much as I can. Finally the Outreachy applications were announced and I started working on my application. Under the guidance of Nikhil Komawar, I prepared a rough draft of my application. He reviewed it thoroughly, suggested and made some changes. I also had it reviewed from Victoria Martínez de la Cruz.

The results were announced on 27th April 2015 and I was selected; It was a very satisfactory moment and I felt a sense of pride in me. From the very first day I started planning and communicating with other members of the project glance. The first meeting I attended was on May 9, 2015 and I felt amazing to be a part of it, learned the general code of conduct of meetings which is one important thing in any profession and  tweeted for the same.

Before 25th May, I wish to create and maintain a decent blog as suggested by my mentor; well, I think I should strike that task, since I have already made one 😉 . After this I will start working on specifications based on my mentor’s suggestions about the tasks of the project. Meanwhile I will try to attend more and more meetings and be more responsive in the IRC channel.

Thanks for passing by, I will soon write again! 😀


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