The Meetup!

Openstack Hola Folks! I am back with some more updates. This week I attended a meetup in nearby city Gurgaon and it was one amazing experience.The meetup was organized by Sajid Akhtar and Syed Armani, both of them are Open Stack enthusiast and are  promoting Open Stack services in India at a large scale. They started this journey three years back and now they have been able to create a community of 4000 members in India, which is an amazing count in itself. And the best part is that, they are managing these events free of cost. Well, this was my first meetup and it was stupendously amazing to meet so many new people who already use Open Stack and others who were willing to use. The arrangements were done by Hp Helion team in HP centre Gurgaon, and kudos to them for that. Syed and Sajid shared some of their best experiences with me and I really appreciate their effort on that; though there were not much developers there; actually I was the only one but since I have just commenced my journey in Open Stack, it was an educational experience in all. The talk started with the welcome note by hosts and Organizers where they made us aware about the Enterprise adoption of Open stack and the challenges associated with it. These include least downtime, lower running costs, greater reliability, cleaner safer factory etc. Their motive is to change the computing paradigm i.e transition of servers from “ Pets to Cattles” . Pets Vs Cattle Analogy Consider an organization of 300 employees and you need to keep a track of it, for this you will certainly buy servers, firewalls, malware protection, etc. If you upload your software, it is very dear to you, it is probably like a pet to you, but at the end of the day maintaining these servers and firewalls is a workload. Now, the situation has changed, the organizations are moving fast, everything is increasing at a supersonic speed; so, we need a faster adoption of technology without stressing about the underlying hardware . With cloud technology evolving, this pet has become cattle now. One doesn’t need to worry about how behind the scenes will be managed and focus on the service they want to provide. After this Ramit Surana, a final year student from Pilani presented some points on the Open Stack Swift which was followed by Sajid Akhtar who raised up concerns of not having enough use cases of how will Open Stack work and reference architectures. Possible use cases of Open Stack are

  • Basic laas as a service
  • Enterprise dropbox
  • Dev-Ops environment
  • Migration of workloads from public clouds to In-Premise
  • Storage as a service
  • Mailing solutions, E learning, office productivity/collaboration
  • Analytics as a service
  • Scale-out application hosting

Next Agenda on the list was Orchestration of Open Stack. Syed Armani discussed some fine details about it. First of all he discussed about the need of orchestration, for example, In earlier days just to deploy a dataset, we needed a physical box, but  now virtual technology is used. So, if a customer has an application and you need it in your cloud. what would you do? My first guess is writing shell scripts, but these are very lengthy. Second option is Json, but instead, we can use templates of HEAT and glance Images which are preprogrammed. One more advantage of using it that if we need a Lampstack i.e 50 virtual machines, with traditional methods, we will need to deploy all 50 separately, but using Orchestration engine, that can be done in one go.  On and on, it was one fine experience to attend this meetup, But what I am concerned about is the number of women as compared to men in Open Stack, I was the only one female participant who attended this meetup. This is really very shocking, We really need to work hard on getting more women in the computing world.


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