OpenStack Summit, Tokyo

Hi folks, Today I will be telling you about Openstack summit, Tokyo.

As you all know, that I was Outreachy intern at OpenStack in Round May-August 2015, being a part of the community has helped me to hone my skills a lot at an overall level. OpenStack is a large and a very humble community which organizes a summit in every six months for their subsequent releases and this time it was  in Tokyo.

Openstack community is very kind to provide me with the travel grant which covered most of the expenses that incurred; I am grateful to them for providing me such a great opportunity. Attending this summit was a life changing experience for me, it was extremely educating.

Be it the activity driven workshops for women or the design summit, it provided me with the opportunity to learn from amazing workforce of Openstack.


Women oriented workshops taught me to be confident about myself and face challenges gracefully. The design summit taught me tactics to improve my skills. In my internship, I was a part of the glance community, so I attended corresponding sessions, but apart from these, I also got involved into a new project called Searchlight which is a search utility provided in openstack based on elastic search, this project was suggested to me by my mentor so that I advance myself a little more in Openstack.

In between the sessions, whatever time I used to get, I utilized it in networking and exploring market spaces where many companies working in Openstack like RedHat, Rackspace, Mirantis, etc had their booths placed, talking to them about openstack informed me of many new things. some booths were humble enough to provide me with books also, which can help me understand Openstack at a deeper level.

During evenings, I tried attending other events which include RedHat’s event for job opportunities where I met Amber, a RedHat employee. She is a very nice person and informed me about how can I apply.

Openstack is the best thing that has happened to me so far. I really thank the board members and outreachy to provide with such a great opportunity.


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