I am back with new OpenStack stories; march 7 and 8 were marked as  OpenStack BugSmash days; it was a global event, in India it was sponsered by Intel, Bangalore. I was one of the organizers; I had been tracking the event for a very long time and trying to contribute to it so that it becomes a great success.

The idea of the Bug Smash was to involve more contribution in the community and advance in the targets of the next release. It was an amazing opportunity to learn and discuss from the developers who are other developers who are in the community for while and mentor the newbies.

The first day was spent with analyzing the problems and how to approach towards it’s solution, it involved discussion with the peers and contacting the developer community; I was involved with OpenStack searchlight community which required tests to be written for their Nova plugin; with little effort and help from the other developers, I wrote a patch set; to my utter disappointment, there were issues which were not due to the patch I wrote. So, I asked  the community  on IRC for help.


Second day involved a lot of discussion, it turned out that there were some errors that were supposed to be fixed to proceed further. They helped me out to correct  the code and add my changes to them. Finally, I submitted the patch which is still a work in progress because it involves a lot more contribution. The patch can be tracked here.

It was an amazing event and I had to fly back on the same day, because of limited time I had, but it was an extremely educating experience.

Thanks to my mentor Nikhil Komawar who pushed me forward to organize such a fine event and the entire Intel community to host the event and make a huge success of it.


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